being tired today

The same as last year the high tourist season is starting on my island and there is more work for me now. On one hand it is good because I am able to earn more money now but at the same time I get very tired. I have taken on few extra responsibilities and now when the season starts I still have to fit into my schedule more load of work. As a consequence now I am sitting in front of the computer trying to write an article for today but there is nothing I really want to write about, my hands are a little bit in pain and tired from work, my eyes are half open and I feel weak in my body.

The tiredness is interesting thing. I have been trying to understand why we get tired and find a remedy to it. I was very interested in it because I have met few people in my life who sleep around 4 hrs a day and that is enough for them. And I wanted to know how is it possible ? I wanted to do the same but it always ended up in failure because I was extremely tired. All I managed was to sleep 4 hrs for 2 - 3 nights and later it was impossible for me. I had some success with 6 hrs but then comes a day with extreme tiredness and I can do almost nothing. I struggle to do my daily responsibilities and as soon as I can I go home and go to sleep for at least 30 min.

And this is how I feel today. I had a lot of work today and I couldn't go home earlier to have a rest. And now I want to write an article but it a huge effort for me.

Anyway... that's it today... maybe later I will be able to write more interesting article.



Published: 2012 - Sep - 11      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater