Using others and throwing them into rubbish bin

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Some time later I have also seen a similar pattern again in another situation. This time I didn't do something that my friend was expecting me to do and in that moment I have heard all sorts of expressions through which my friend tried to let me know that I am nothing, piece of shit, he reminded me about all my weaknesses and mistakes and of course it has also included a threat - it was not from mafia this time ( lol ) but the behavior was almost identical as with my ex-boss. The threat wasn't executed the next day but still I am all the time in a vulnerable situation and I have to be careful about it.

Anyway... how do I deal with this person and the situation ?

I will try next time - when I meet my friend - to talk about it and find the solution but if I notice that my friend is not interested and will try to blame me, attack me and try to prove that he is right then I will leave it as it is for the moment. First of all I am in the vulnerable situation and secondly if my friend doesn't want to find the solution now with me then he will have to find it out himself or with other people. It all means that he will have to go through time cycle because he doesn't want to do it now in that moment.

What about me and what else can I do here ?

In the past I have thought that I cannot do anything in this type of situations. It all just meant that I am washing off my hands and say: "this is not my problem... I am innocent..." or something similar. Even though I don't say these words directly, it also means: "go f...k yourself and leave me alone because I am innocent". But this is the past and I have realized - this came out to the surface during the course that I am doing with Desteni Group called Structural Resonance Course - that there is much more to be done in these type of situations then I thought before. For example:

- Thus first of all I don't allow that somebody continues abusing me and using me for his own personal benefits because if I let it go on without applying correction then I am as much responsible for all the consequences as the abuser.

- I don't give up and wash off my hands and instead I stop and look what can be practically done in that moment. If there is nothing that I can do now then I will wait until another appropriate moment when I can find a solution with that person.

- I don't mourn, judge and bitch about the other person.

- I try not to act on the emotions that usually fire up in this type of situations but instead I try to focus on my breath and get aware of my body instead of flying in my mind and its emotions

- I analyze the situation and try to see what it tells me about me. Yes... that is true. Even though it seems that I am innocent, there is a possibility that I don't see that I am a victim in this situation. It happens all the time. It is because we are so involved into creating it and we simply don't see it. We become one with it and for us it seems to be normal and ok.

- I describe in words on the paper the situation and look if I am participating in certain mind patterns and emotions.

- if I see that I am not clear with something I do self forgiveness in writing and reading it aloud.

All of these acts seem meaningless at first but in reality this is how I am disengaging my involvement into the creation of the matrix of the mind which imprisons us. And if I am effective with it then this is how I am changing the world and at the same time I am helping other person. The moment I am completely clear within it then I am becoming living example to others and thus I am capable to assist other if they require assistance with similar points in their life.

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Published: 2012 - Sep - 07      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater