Using others and throwing them into rubbish bin

I remember that once I was working for somebody and my boss was promising me a lot wonderful things right from the beginning e.g. that thanks to him I will become well respected massage therapist and I will earn a lot of money. I didn't care about being famous and respected but it sounded pleasing to me that I will be able to earn good money. I was working hard for him and giving a lot from myself because this is how I normally work. But I have noticed after few weeks that the promises of my boss were empty and what was worse, he was using me to gain his personal goals and make his life more comfortable. When I started to notice it I didn't say anything about it and I didn't confront it. But after it repeated itself many times I decided to talk with him about it. But I have noticed that it was not easy because he was always having some kind of excuses etc. to either avoid conversation or he cleverly tried to put the blame and responsibility on me. It all started to be frustrating because I couldn't talk with him and find the solution and his promises about the money were empty.

And one day I have decided to leave the job and find myself something else. And then suddenly he started to be nice to me and tried to talk with me. But we couldn't find the solution and I decided ultimately to finish my work with him. Unfortunately this was not in line with his plans and he became really pissed off with me. He started to send me sms messages in which he expressed strongly that he is disgusted with me, that I am nothing, less then zero etc. He also tried to threaten me that if I touch any of his customers then he will ask his Russian friends ( mafia ) and I will regret it. It was funny in some way because I didn't have any intentions of stealing his customers and WTF... everybody can make their own decisions if they want to have massage with me or with him or somebody else. Later I have understood that he was living within the mind frame of never having enough and wanting to have everything for himself.

Anyway... I left working for him, he didn't pay me all the money that he owed me for my work and I was left in a little bit difficult situation. But I didn't care about it. For me it was clear that I cannot and I don't want to work together with people like him. I started to work for myself and after few months I have stabilized myself financially.

More than a year later I have met him accidentally on the street and we have talked a little. We have never talked about the situation anymore and the threatening me but since that moment we maintain sort of friendly contact.

Now... about 3 months ago my friend told me that he is looking for a job. I knew that my ex-boss was looking for somebody at that time and I have mentioned to my friend that maybe he should talk with him. I didn't say anything about my experiences with my ex-boss few years ago but I only pointed out to my friend that he should make his own decision carefully if he likes to work with my ex-boss. Well... this advice about being careful has been completely forgotten once - during the interview - my ex-boss started to promise about being respected massage therapist and possibility ( or rather certainty ) to earn a lot of money. And so he started working with.

Few weeks later I have met my friend accidentally on the street and he told me that he has just finished working for my ex-boss. After he told me about it in details I have noticed immediately the same pattern - my friend realizes that he is being used for personal benefits by my ex-boss and decides to stop it. That pisses off his boss and he receives from him sms messages telling him that he is nothing, zero, shit etc. and of course message with threat of Russian mafia.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - Sep - 06      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater