Approaching the fear barrier

I didn't have access to internet yesterday thus I am posting my article today.

Now... this is very interesting point and I am certain that it has already happened to you many, many times. There are moments in our lives when we are approaching a certain point which I would refer to as a fear wall and this wall seems to be so big and so thick that it seems impossible to cross it. I use the word "seem" twice in the last sentence because fear is an illusion created in our minds and is not real and the word "seems" reflects best what I am trying to say. The fear ( as an illusion has been created in our mind by us ) and thus it is our creation. Quite often it is being implanted in our minds by others ( e.g. our parents when we were children ) but in the end we have allowed ourselves to believe them, later use our own imagination and through this give our energy to it. And no matter how much we try to deny it, it is always us who creates it and allows it.

Thus as I said before the fear is being created within our minds by our imagination, beliefs etc. and thus there is almost no limits how far we can go with it which basically means that we can create in our mind the wall of fear as high and as thick as we want and later we will find every possible argument to prove to ourselves and others that it is real and impossible to cross it.

Now... creation of this wall of fear within our mind may start as a baby and later it is being continued for the rest of our lives. Some people will never have even slightest courage to face it and challenge it and will die with this fear. Practically speaking they will be killed by this fear because creation and maintaining the this wall of fear in our minds requires a lot of energy and this energy will be extracted literally from our bodies which essentially will manifest itself as a sickness ( including cancer and other serious disorders ) which will destroy and kill the body. We should actually say that you will kill yourself rather then being killed by it because you are giving your own energy to it and you create this monster yourself.

And this is what is going to happen if you don't stop it. But before it comes so far you will have many opportunities in your life to face it, realize that you are creating it yourself, stop it and thus free yourself from it. The whole process of realization could come in an instant and then you realize: "WTF have I been doing to myself the whole life ?". But before you come to this short moment of realization it may takes you many years ( or even whole life ) and many, many approaches. The reason for it is that - as I said before - that you are the creator of it but you don't see it. You always think that this fear is real and that somebody else - more powerful than you - has created it and you have no power to change it. You will try to find the solution on the outside ( doctors, medicine, alcohol, drugs, blaming others etc. ) and you will always try to deny the fact that it is you who creates it. Thus you will be approaching this wall, look at it and if you decide in this moment that this wall is impossible to cross and you will make some steps back away from this wall and continue creating it. After some time ( a cycle ) you will regain some new inside and force and you will approach this wall again.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - Sep - 03      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater