Military antidepressant nasal spray

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Thus what are the POSSIBLE long term consequences of using antidepressants in the military ?

1. Crime - the state of feeling sad, depressed etc. because of killing others ( destroying life ) is normal and natural. Not normal and not natural is to kill others and destroy life in the name of personal profit and other egoistic goals ( e.g. desire to have power, greed ). I guess this is all clear for everybody reading this article ? But despite the fact that we know about it, it is possible to control and manipulate others so that they do it anyway and the army and the governments are the masters of it. It is important to make it clear here that everybody is always responsible for everything that they do and even though somebody manipulates them to kill somebody. It is not a justifiable excuse simply because you have allowed yourself to be manipulated - this is absolute responsibility. If you are always aware of who you are, you will always see when somebody is trying to manipulate you and you will not allow it. The problem here is that the elite and the governments know about it ( that you are not aware ) and instead of helping you ( through education etc. ) they are using it against you for their own personal gains and profits.

But let's get back to the crime, which is the topic of this article.

Feeling sad and depressed after killing somebody is normal and this is the moment when you may - through this shock - wake up, see that you are being manipulated and stop your participation in it. If you don't do it you are simply being taken into the next phase of manipulations. You are being given a drug which creates calming and euphoric state in you. The only thing that I want to say here which best describes it is: "Holy, fucking shit...!". Connecting a state of calm and euphory with killing others is unbelievable. We should not be surprised at all if we start to see increased number of brutal murders. As I said before this drug is not dealing with the cause but is only suppressing it. Thus this initial reaction of feeling sad and guilty of killing others will always be there, it will grow bigger and bigger within this person and it will literally drive him mad and crazy until he deals with it effectively - this is the whole point of it. But dealing with this problem effectively is not going to be easy for this simple reason that our whole education and health system ( including psychiatrists and psychologists ) is orientated on dealing only with the symptoms and there are only relatively very few people in this world who can teach how to work effectively with the root of the problem. Thus if nobody helps this person, assists him and shows him how to deal effectively with the problem, he will be struggling big time. In this struggle he will feel frustrated because he will try everything that is available on the market and still he will get nowhere. The sessions with the psychologist, the medicine or other drugs ( heroin, coke etc. ) will not work anymore. This frustration together with the depression and feeling guilty will get this person mad ever more and then there may be enough just one click in his mind and he will go on the killing spree. In this frustration and helplessness he will remember that the "only thing" that helped him to feel better in the state of depression was killing somebody. Yes... the subconscious mind has registered the euphoric and calming state that he felt after killing somebody when he was in the army and he has taken the nasal spray. And now in the moment when this person is feeling completely helpless and frustrated he will be irrational and he will intentionally "suppress " the memories that the euphoric state was caused by the drug. He will only want to feel better and calm. He knows somehow that it is not a permanent solution but this desire and obsession to feel better - even just for a moment - may possess him so much that he will do it.

This is what I have heard from some people who have committed this type of crimes. They describe that they felt this incredible calm and euphory when they were killing others because it gives them temporary relief from the pressure of what they are suppressing within them. This will not happen to everybody but I am certain that there will be more incidents almost identical to what I have described in here and they will be the result of the nasal spray. Of course if this happens many years after the person has retired from the army, there will be only very few people who will see with clarity that it happened as a consequence of the nasal spray. Most of us will simply be shocked by this brutal murder and crime and will judge that person without investigating the real cause behind and apply the correction so that it doesn't happen anymore. This is how we are. We allow blindly others to manipulate us and later we pretend that we don't know how and why.

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Published: 2012 - August - 24      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater