Military antidepressant nasal spray

The USA army general - Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III - says that recent suicide problem among the soldiers is the toughest enemy he has faced in his 37 years service in the army. As a part of the solution Pentagon has designated 3 mln $ into investigating nasal spray dispenser which would introduce drug almost directly into to the brain through brain-blood barrier. This hormonal drug would work rapidly creating "euphoric and calming effect".

Now... there is a question... Do you see anything wrong with it ? Or should I rather ask more directly: "Can you see that this is completely fucked up ?".

So... you are a soldier and you kill somebody ( maybe a child, somebody innocent or even an enemy soldier etc. ) and you feel shit about it, depressed etc. because you see injustice in it, stupidity, nonsense etc. You reaction ( depression ) is normal but unfortunately this is not going along the plans of those who organize and run the wars - generals, elite, military factories owners, politicians etc. They need you because without you, they would not be able to run the war. They will never go to war themselves because it is too dangerous for them so they need you. But as I said before, your morality is not welcomed at all. And also when you commit the suicide, it messes up their plans.

Thus they are working now on a solution for you - an euphoric nasal spray. And this idea gives them and puts them already into the state of bliss and euphory without taking any drugs because now - if this works - the elite will be able continue with their wars and plans to make as much money as possible at the lowest possible cost. And you as a soldier will be able now to kill somebody and you will also be euphoric. Isn't that great idea ? It is a quick solution treating the symptoms - as always - but unfortunately without taking into consideration long time serious side effects.

But who cares ?

At least I do. And that's why I am writing this article to let you know about it. Don't fall into the trap of the elite. Do everything possible to stop it if you can. The solution to the suicide problem in the army is not in the spray. This is just treating the symptoms and as long as we work with the symptoms and we don't address the real cause behind it, we will only create more and more problems. I will write about it in my next article.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - August - 23      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater