Approaching the fear barrier

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While you approach this wall for a second time you will hope and believe that you have learned enough and that you are strong enough to face your fear this time. But when you "stand" there in front of it, you will look again and you realize that that fear is too strong and all that you have learned is not enough and most probably you will step back defeated again by your fear.

Why is this ?

You have not realized one thing. After you have stepped back and all that you have learned and all the strength that you have gained after your first confrontation with your fear would be probably enough to deal effectively with the fear at that time but unfortunately in the meantime you have continued all the time adding new bricks to the wall of fear. Your fear got stronger ( you have made it stronger ) and thus all that you have learned about the first encounter is not enough anymore. And most probably you will step back in defeat again.

The time between the moments when you are confronting the wall of fear is called 1 cycle. This cycle may last few seconds or many years and it may take you many cycles before you come to the ultimate realization and cross the wall of fear which you have created. Every time you allow yourself to be defeated by your fear or we should rather say defeated by yourself because - as we said before - you have created this fear yourself and thus this fear is you in totality. Without you this fear will not be able to exist. And this is the whole trick behind it. You don't see that you are the creator of it and that you are one and equal to this fear. You create this fear with your energy which is being extracted from your body and thus this fear will always suck the energy out of you and it will slowly but steady destroy you.

Are you slowly starting to get what you need to do when you confront your own fear ?

It is not as much about the preparation, learning and gaining the strength after you have stepped back for the first time because every time you get stronger you are creating stronger fear with your new strength and thus at the next confrontation you will realize that you are not strong enough again ( exactly as I have described it above ). You will never be able to win and conquer your fear with force and strength. Trying to avoid facing it, blaming others for it, trying to find help on the outside is not going to get you anywhere. You must simply realize that your fear is your creation, that it is you in totality, you are one and equal to it and thus the only way to free yourself from it is to stop creating it.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - Sep - 03      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater