Using others and throwing them into rubbish bin

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Now let's have a look at the profile of my boss and maybe we will be able to understand why he is behaving this way ??? Although we have to remember that most probably we will not be able to know fully all the reasons why he is the way he is because this is how he has designed himself through his mind and only he has all the keys to understanding of it. But yet it is possible to see certain main patterns which also repeat themselves with other people.

1. He is very ambitious and setting himself high goals in his life - it is part of the positive thinking movement, "Law of Attraction" and "The secret" book and movie about positive thinking.

In this I could refer to myself because I used to study and apply the Law of Attraction some years ago. And in this I have noticed how I was able to justify compromising on values just to get to my goal. I remember that when I set myself goal about money then I was able to attract situation when I was presented with the opportunity to earn this money. But within this there was a trap because I was earning money at the cost of others and I was able to justify it stupidly and I believed that I am a good person because I was helping others while at the same time I was "helping" others to get their lives destroyed with alcohol. And thus I could see this similar tendency in the behavior of my ex-boss.

2. He believes himself to be very special and spiritual being who is being protected by the universe and who deserves everything possibly best and he knows best how to help and lead others.

In this situation those who work for him should do what he tells them to do. It all seems in the beginning that he is doing you a big favor and it is doing it with good intentions and with good heart. In reality it is: "obey my orders or if not then f...k off". If you are with him you must unconditionally listen to him and follow his lead. This is all artificially made belief in his mind but of course he doesn't see it this way. Thus whenever you question his orders or dare to do something else then you are automatically become his enemy. First few times he will give you a speech and he will forgive you to demonstrate his greatness and his unconditional love but at some stage it will come to the moment when he will get at you with fury, anger and aggression. And of course in this moment he will not see that his act is not positive at all ( even though he defines himself as very positive and spiritual person ) and he will quickly find the reason in his mind to justify it. He will not want to ever talk about it and in some cases he will even try to forget it. It must be done because it is all threat to his own definition of being a positive person.

3. He believes that he is better then others.

This is a self-created belief and whenever this belief is being challenged then his ego goes into automated self-defense mode. In the case of my friend who worked for my ex-boss it was a period of about 3 months ( similar to me ) when the ego got started to be challenged and when it was not possible to hide it anymore my ex-boss's ego went into self-defense. In this moment he started to put himself above my friend by trying to place him down with abusive words: "you are nothing... you are less then zero... you are disgusting as a person... I don't want to see you anymore in my life... do the favor to all nice people in this town and get lost..." etc. My boss's ego feels threatened and thus he is trying to threat others with mafia.

All of those 3 elements are intermingled with each other within the matrix of the mind of my ex-boss together with other things. In the end he is using others to get his own goal and desires and once he sees that somebody doesn't serve his goals and he dares to challenge his ego, he is throwing them into rubbish bin while justifying that he is doing them ( and others ) a favor anyway.

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Published: 2012 - Sep - 08      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater