honoring the soldiers for their sacrifice

We give them medals, we give them special privileges, we organize ceremonies and parties for them, we write songs about them, we make special memorials for them and many other things to show them that we respect them and appreciate what they are doing for us.

Why do we do it ? WTF... let's stop for a second this automatic reaction and look at the whole situation more objectively. In reality the soldiers are nothing else but murderers ( of course not all of them ) but somehow we don't see it this way and instead we treat them with respect and honor. How is it possible ? Where is the logic behind it ? Unfortunately there is no logic in it. The only logic I see in it, is that this respect and honor come from the automated reactions which we have been taught in school as a child and also through effective brainwashing and propaganda made in media.

If you oppose this what I write here ( that it is automated reaction ) then take a piece of paper and tell me why do you respect soldiers ? You will probably write about their commitment and sacrifice done for their country and their fellow citizens etc. but in reality you don't even know what they are doing during the war. Why do you think the military chiefs don't allow to show the full coverage of everything what is happening on the front line ? Today we have all the technology to show it all. Do you really think that it is kept secret just for the security reasons ? Maybe you would not respect the soldiers anymore if you saw that they are killing innocent children, women, elders etc. ? This is war and it is part of it. I know that you will not see in on the most popular TV channels but you can go on Google and internet and you will be able to find the most shocking pictures of what is going on in the front line. And it is done by the soldiers that you respect and honor so much.

Apart from this do you really think that the soldiers are fighting while having in their mind and heart those strong moral values and they do it to protect you ? Another f...ing bullshit. They are doing it quite often because they are forced to do it, because they are shit scared that if they don't do it first then their enemies will kill them instead. And who knows... ? Maybe their enemy is just a father who in lost his innocent children and family and in his despair is trying to take on revenge on this soldier who did it. Many soldiers kill others for money - it is their job, others do it to fulfill their other egoistic reasons and there are many other reason why soldiers go to war and kill people and it has nothing to do with protecting you from enemies.

And I have another question. Would you respect soldiers who participate in the war that has been intentionally provoked by the elite who wants to take control over another country and take advantage of its resources ? And unfortunately this is quite often the reason for war. It has nothing to do with the protecting you from the bad enemies. Do you really think that it is impossible to stage an event ( e.g. the attack on Twin Towers in New York ) and through clever "marketing" and "publicity" make people believe that it was organized by the sick Muslims and thus it is necessary to make a war against them ? Saddam Hussein in Iraq didn't have weapons of mass destructions but yet USA has used it as a main reason to organize the war against him.

Thus if you take into consideration all that I am writing here, will you still respect and honor soldiers the way that we do today ?



Published: 2012 - August - 29      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater