pulling the wisdom tooth

Today I needed to go to the dentist because I had a toothache. I have had this pain already for quite a while but in the last few days it got stronger and I knew that I must go to see the dentist as soon as possible.

I was in a way lucky because it is holiday time in August and it is rather difficult to find a dentist who can do it on the same day. I had to make few phone calls before I have found one who attended me on the same day and he made an exception for me because I had pain. In other clinics I would have to wait at least a week to get an appointment.

The dentist found out that I have big carries in my wisdom tooth and he decided that the best would be to pull it out. Of course there was some pain by the procedure but at least the problem was solved.

Now... I was fortunate because I live in civilized country with reasonably good health care and private insurance which gives me even more benefits. But what about all of those people in the world who have no access to it ? And there are many of them. Do you know what can normally happen with a person if he doesn't treat the pain in the tooth as I did today ? The carries and bacterias eat the tooth more and more until they get to the nerve and the blood vessels. For some time there is a pain as a natural communication's signal from the body that there is something going bad but many times people ignore this or simply cannot afford to pay the dentist and instead use various substances to numb the pain. But numbing the pain is never the solution because - as always - it is only dealing with the symptoms. Thus if this person suppresses the pain with medicine then he simply doesn't feel that that there is something going bad inside. Thus in the case of a painful tooth the bacterias will get into the blood stream through the miniature vessels in the tooth and the gums and will get into the whole body. And this way the toxins will infect the whole body. Later it only depends how well it is working the compensation and self-defense mechanism within the body of that person and which organs will be affected by it. In the beginning the person will feel tired, have aches and pains etc. but if that continues, the development of serious disorders as well as death is highly possible. The death caused by infection in the toothache would be easily detected by the autopsy but in the poor countries people don't even think about it.

Anyway... the whole point is that there are many people who suffer and die because they have no access to proper medical care. Something so simple as the visit to the dentist would literally save the life of many, many persons in this world but unfortunately due to the fact that these people don't have money to pay for the dentist they are left to suffer and die.

Is there really nothing that we can do for them ? Of course almost all of us have a perfect excuse that the world is too big and one person cannot do everything. But this is not true because if everybody started to do what is within their field of influence then eventually we would be able to make the change. At the moment most of us don't do anything and let the world be the way it is. The world will not change by itself. Everybody must put effort into it on his part. If we all do it then the process of change is going to happen relatively quickly. Here is the solution which needs to be supported but as I said before it is not going to happen by itself.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - August - 28      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater