Why healthy diet doesn't always give you healthy body ?

I didn't have access to internet yesterday thus I am posting my article today.

You may follow the newest and the best diet on the market but the bad news is that you will never have guarantee that it will keep you healthy. And the reason for this is that sickness and disease quite often have nothing to do with healthy food. And thus we also have the vegetarians and strict vegans who also die from cancer and other serious diseases.

Thus what are the other factors which contribute to our health ?

DNA and genetics, the environment in which you are working and living, your relationships and one of the most important factors are: ego and the integration of it within your body.

The ego is the creation of the mind which existence depends on continuous input of energy. Let's have a look closely at it. Ego ( part of it ) is something ( belief, opinion ) that you build around yourself ( the core/essence of your being ). Thus we have a being and this being starts to put a wall/layer in the form of a belief on top of his core. This layer starts to form itself around the core of the being whenever the being accepts certain opinion/belief about himself. Thus for example the being starts to belief that he/she is very special person. It quite often starts with the parents who continuously tell the baby/child that he/she is very special - it is a from of brainwashing - and after hundreds or thousands of repetitions that child slowly starts to accept this belief and take it for real and later he/she carries it into adulthood. Accepting it and taking it for real means that the being starts to brainwashing himself by having thoughts about it and acting in a way which would reflect that he/she is special.

Now... every single thought carries certain energetic charge and every thought is a building block of a belief/opinion which is being formed around the core of the being. The energy which is being carried by every thought and which is necessary to maintain continuously the layer of a belief around the being, is extracted directly from the body. And it is obvious that the more layers around the being which also means that the person has a bigger ego, the more energy is being extracted from the physical body of a person. And because the physical body cannot produce unlimited amount of energy, thus it becomes weaker and eventually it becomes sick. Of course if you have better diet then your body will be able to produce more energy and you will not get sick so quickly but eventually you will. And you cannot stop it unless you stop your ego.

To be continued...



Published: 2013 - January - 05      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater