Putting to the test natural medicine

I didn't have access to internet yesterday thus I am posting my article today.

This is very important message. I have seen quite often on internet and Facebook the posts which say about the healing properties of various herbs, fruits etc. ( for example I have seen posts about the strong anticancer of hemp oil ). And many people go "wow" about it because they think that they will be able to heal themselves when something happens to them. We could say that they form some kind of religion around it and they become fanatics. And I see that the behavior of these people is very similar to the behavior of those who go to the church and believe in god.

And thus these people form a belief ( just like in the religion ) that something has power and will be able to heal their sickness. They dedicate their time and energy towards it by reading various books, talking to others about it, they feel as if they have access to power and they can use the power whenever it is necessary which gives them the feeling of being powerful. Apart from this people start to be angry with the whole health care system, pharmaceutical companies and governments etc. which apparently withhold from people these healing plants. Then I have also noticed that whenever these people meet with somebody who is sick they insist that they must leave their doctors and try these miraculous herbs and other alternative therapies.

Now... to clear some points. There are many excellent plants, herbs etc which have healing properties and could be used with the benefits to the patients but I would not recommend to rely only them exclusively unless you have experience with them and you know exactly what you are doing. If it is not the case then be vary cautious with what you are doing and better don't recommend it to anybody because you may be responsible for serious consequences and complications and even a death of the person who left the treatment with the doctor. If it comes to the patients with cancer there are a lot of things going wrong within the body which require immediate attention and treatment. In these moments it is better to treat the symptoms and accept the side effects of that treatment because otherwise the patient may die.

Personally I am not a fan of the treatments with the doctors and I have written already few articles about it. But it is important to not fall into the trap of religion formed around the natural medicine. And to avoid falling into this trap it is important that you don't stay within the knowledge and information only but you also use practically and test what you are preaching.

And that is what I did lately with myself. I have got an infection and I have decided to put to the test all that I know about the natural medicine to treat it. On top of it I have consulted 2 of my friends who have even more knowledge and practical experience then me. But in the end I had to give up and go to the doctors asking for help.

I am not saying that the natural medicine is not effective. I have tried it already many times and it was successful but it is important to not reject completely the knowledge and experience of traditional medicine. It is important to not form a religion around the natural medicine and become obsessed fanatically about it while rejecting the traditional medicine because this may put in danger your and other's health and life. Not everything can be treated with natural medicine as effective as with the traditional medicine. But if you can prove it then go ahead.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - December - 24      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater