Putting to the test natural medicine

While I am writing about the fanatics of the natural medicine it is also worth to write about the opposite - the fanatics of the doctors. In the end it is part of it all because it is just another polarity within the mind and the mind operates and exists thanks to the polarities and the energy generated from the friction between them.

Thus the same as there are people who are willing to only follow the treatments of the practitioner of the natural medicine and don't want to even hear the word doctor, so is also true the opposite - there are people who will avoid the practitioner of the natural medicine as a plague and if they have even slightest scratch on their skin, they run off to see the doctor immediately and they take the pills. But this is not all because they are also intending to proof their point of being right the doctors and the official public health care system is the only way to go, they are furious enemies of the practitioners of the natural medicine and make their life and work as hard as they possibly can.

The point that the doctors are better then the practitioners of the natural medicine is rather difficult to proof and it is also based on the beliefs of each person. The doctors make also mistakes and many people become sicker and even die because of it but because it has been programmed in our head that that is ok then we don't react in the same way as with the practitioners of the natural medicine. I have heard and seen many times how people react with extreme anger because their therapist has made a mistake. But at the same time the doctors can go away with it much easier.

All of this hate and proving that the doctors are right only generates the energy which is the fuel for the mind and the persons becomes entrapped within the polarity construct. The energy that is being generated within the process is being obtained and extracted from the body which makes it weaker and at some stage it becomes sick. And this is the trap that people don't realize.

Now... to get this point cleared. Insisting on one while excluding completely the other, creates separation. Intentions to proof that one is better then the other is a polarity construct of the mind and it is not going to get us anywhere. I know from experience ( as the practitioner of the natural medicine ) that alternative therapies are very effective with treating many disorders within the body ( also the serious ones like cancer, Alzheimer etc. ) but we cannot rely solely on them. And the same applies to the doctors and the traditional medicine. The doctors know their stuff but they don't enter into investigating all of the possible causes and dimensions of the sickness and thus they will not be able to help/heal the person completely. Thus I have seen cases when the doctors were unable to help the patients but the natural medicine helped the person a lot and vice versa. The best guiding point would be to stop the war, follow the principle of what is best for all and look at how can we work together and use the knowledge and experience of both sides.



Published: 2012 - December - 25      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater