Why people don't want to support Equal Money System

Sometimes I meet rich people and I ask myself a question: "these people earn a lot of money, they have many properties, few expensive cars and for them to donate 100 or 1000 eu to support Equal Money System would be like nothing... thus why they don't do it ?". And in the end I have understood the "why not".

Thus... everything that is happening in our lives is our creation; it is there because we have allowed it to be there and every single and the smallest object, place where you live, work and every person in your life has meaning and reason for being there. It is part of the total matrix creation. And within this matrix - which you have created - there is a place for survival, struggle, suffering, abuse egoism, greed etc. Some of you will try to argue and proof that they have created a place for happiness, joy, enjoyment etc. And I have to say that you are right about it but there is also "but..." to it.

Thus listen... maybe you are happy but you are not considering that your happiness has been built on the suffering of others. You are happy because you deny the reality, you look in a very limited way at your closest surrounding and you don't take under consideration and you don't understand the creation and connections on a global scale. Thus maybe you live in a big villa, drive luxury cars etc. but you deny the fact that you may enjoy all of these luxuries at the cost and suffering of others. Most of the luxury objects that you posses, have been made and produced in poor countries where the cost of labor is very low, the workers are being used and abused through working long hours, working in unhealthy and dangerous conditions etc. And we may not forget about the fact that we have also children working there. You know about it but you don't talk much about it because otherwise you would start to feel guilty about it. And as long as you don't go too deep into investigating about it and asking too many questions, you may enjoy your luxuries and pretend that your life is full of happiness and joy. Anyway I will not trying to prove it to you. It is the fact that you simply don't want to see or talk about.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - October - 22      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater