Laughter is the best medicine thus you should fart more

Have you noticed one fascinating fact about farts ? They are fun. Well... maybe not always but quite often when somebody farts there is a lot of laugh. And it is a genuine laugh as a matter of fact. Is isn't it ? And there is a saying that laugh is the best medicine there can be in the world; thus - because we laugh a lot when we fart - we should fart more and through this we could be more healthy.

Now... although it is a little bit of a joke it has a lot of truth in it. And on the other hand the opposite is also true because if you don't fart you will get sick... literally. The gases are normal part of Laugh is the best medicine thus you should fart more the digestion process. Of course if you don't know the chemistry and basic rules about the food and mixing different types of food you will have more gases in your bowel. It is like putting wrong fuel into the engine of your car which will produce a lot of black smoke. I am sure that you have seen before. And it is exactly the same happening in your body. If you mix certain foods they will produce more gases and they will have to get out from your body through the orifices - the mouth and the bottom.

If the gases don't get out of your bowel they will make you bloated like a balloon. There is not magic in it. But the problem is that our society seem not understand it and we make big fuss about it. And there are people who later take it to the point of obsession and phobia. If you hold the gases from time to time because you are among other people then it is ok but if you do it continuously then you are creating yourself a big problem.

Now I will explain why. It happened to me once that I was at the party and it happened that my body started to produce a lot of gases but because I was in a relatively small room I was "forced" to withhold them because otherwise I would make it extremely unpleasant experience for all the participants because of the unpleasant smell. Thus I was withholding the gases within my intestines. I was very happy when the party finally finished because I could go out and release the gases. Unfortunately that was not possible because the pressure within the intestine has compressed the shit within it and has blocked the exit. It was not funny anymore because I started to have pains and I couldn't release the gases and I was forced to take the medicine.

This was just one time and I have seen quickly how it all affects the whole body.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - October - 17      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater