War only creates more terrorists

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Thus do you see now ? Not every bomb attack is done by obsessed and crazy religious people. Sometimes or maybe quite often ( I don't have access to the real statistics ) it is done by innocent people who have been deeply hurt without a reason because for example they lost their families during the war, they have been literally fucked by the heartless system of lawyers and government or some other event and in their deep sorrow want to take on revenge.

Within this I want to make it clear that I am not supporting or justifying what they are doing because it doesn't make sense at all, it doesn't bring on the constructive solution and as a matter of fact it will continue the vicious circle of violence because this act of revenge will hurt another innocent person and it may all end up in the revenge for the revenge ( never ending vicious circle ). Violence will not bring on peace. It will only bring n more violence and revenge. It may bring on a peace temporarily but sooner or later the violence and revenge will continue.

As I say not every terrorist attack is done by crazy, religiously obsessed maniacs. They are also committed by people who have lost everything in senseless war. I am not supporting it and I don't justify their acts. But what I want you understand that you stop judging every terrorist and instead try to put yourself in their shoes and try to understand why they are doing it. Thus then maybe you will understand that your country and your president is running the war against the country of this person. And this war is run because there is a real reason for it but because of greed to get control of more money and valuable resources. Look what happened in Iraq. The reason for war was the accusation that Saddam Hussain was threat to the world with his weapons of mass destructions. In the end USA has never found this type weapons in Iraq but during this war there have been killed many innocent people. And guess what ? Few or many of these innocent people will want to take on revenge in the form of suicide bomber because this is their form of thinking. I am not justifying it but I want that instead of judging the terrorist look at yourself and your president and try to see whether the cause of the terrorist attack lies in the fanatic, extremist religion or maybe because of the senseless war organized because of greed.

Thus the solution will not be found by organizing next war against the country of the terrorist but it should be found within your country and as a matter of fact within you. You are the one who allows it and doesn't change the system within your country. Thus ultimately you are the one responsible for the terrorist attack. If you want to stop and prevent it then look for the solution within you and your country.

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Published: 2012 - October - 13      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater