Drink driving and the responsibility of friends & family

We all know that alcohol and/or drugs affect our cognitive skills and thus driving a car while being under influence of these substances increases the risk of collisions, accidents etc. The consequences of it are well known and there have been many people killed or heavily injured and much damage done by those who - despite the warnings - are deciding to do it.

Within this there is one very important point - the responsibility of friends and family. Let's say that you are at the party with alcohol and one of your friends or family member decides to drive the car despite of the fact that he/she has taken alcoholic drinks in an amount that has already affected his cognitive skills. He is a danger on the road not only for himself but also for others; you know it and you try to stop him. But he doesn't want to listen to you. You know how the drunk people are.... don't you ? They think that they are in control of their bodies as always or maybe even more. And it is very difficult to explain to them that this is not the case. It is difficult to convince them not to drive the car. Sometimes they listen to you but also many times they are stubborn and do it no matter what you do.

Now... let's say that despite your attempts to stop him this person gets into the car and drives home or to the store to buy some more alcohol. Unfortunately on the way there he is having accident and there are injured and killed other people. And it is obvious that the drunken driver is responsible for it and if he survives he will have to face the consequences - financial, moral, prison etc.

But what about you ? Are you also responsible for it ?

The police and the judge in the court will not punish you but do you think that you are not responsible for all of it at all ?



Published: 2012 - October - 08      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater