how to deal with another difficult day

Thus yesterday I had a difficult moments and I was struggling to write even just few words. After I wrote something, I did few things around the house, I ate dinner, I had a shower and I lied down in my bed to do breathing exercise but it didn't last long before I fell asleep. I woke up 3 hrs later around 1 a.m. I stood up to wash my teeth and I came back to bed but this time I couldn't fall asleep so easy.

Thus I have decided to push myself to do more breathing. I was breathing deeper then normal and on the out-breath I was letting the air come out without pushing it with my lungs - just "letting it go". It was not going easy. My nose got blocked soon and I had to breathe through the mouth ( blockage of my nose was not related whatsoever to having cold or being sick ). And apart from blocked nose the whole process of breathing was requiring me to push myself all the time - every breath was an effort. But eventually after almost 1 hour the breathing has got easier. My nose started to unblock and I could breathe through it again but I didn't stop there and I continued breathing until it all got cleared up and the whole breathing became easy. It was already after 4 o'clock when I finally fell asleep again.

The whole day today I can breathe easier then yesterday and I am more aware of my breathing and I am not tired as I was yesterday.

Now... how do I explain it all ?

I have noticed that it ( difficult day and difficult breathing ) usually happens when I let myself to dwell too much in my mind because then I forget to breathe and it affects the whole body.

How does it affect the body ?

From the physical point of view the lack of oxygen in the body ( as a result of the shallow breathing ) and excess of CO2 and other waste products from metabolism affects the functioning of the muscles and in general the whole body ( tiredness ). Apart from this we have element of the mind taking control over the body and using its resources to obtain energy ( mind needs the energy to exist ) which again causes tiredness and exhaustion of the body.

Well... this is maybe shallow explanation of what has happened to me and maybe I am wrong with my theory but unquestionable fact is that I can breath easier today and my body is not as tired as yesterday.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - September - 26      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater