Is my process of birthing myself to life going to be slower in a relationship ?

This is the question that came to me during my conversation with my friend yesterday on the phone. Then I have also heard it few times before and that's why I have decided to write an article about it today.

First of all the process of birthing myself to life is not a race. I agree that there are certain things ( and there are a lot of them ) which need to be dealt with and the sooner we clean them up the better for all of us because then there will be less suffering in the world. But in general the whole process is not a race with the finish line to which we should run like the sprinter as fast as possible and once we reach it then everything will be fine and perfect. No, no, no... It is not like this. There is a certain critical point which when we reach it in the future, then things will be different because then we will be living self-expression without being influenced and controlled by the mind consciousness system but I repeat that is not like the finish line of the race. It can be achieved only through steady and continuous self movement which in the beginning will require a lot of effort because we will have to learn how to stop the mind machine which prevents us from living self-expression. Some people will reach this point while being in the relationship and others will reach it when they live it alone but none of the ways is better or quicker than the other.

Sometimes it seems that being in the relationship slows down our own process. Well... there is no definitive answer to it but there is always a guiding point - always follow the principle of what is best for all. And here are few points to take into consideration when dealing with it. On one hand it is true that each and every single person must go through their own process of birthing themselves to live on their own because nobody else can do it for them. It is simply impossible. Within this we will have people who will go through the process faster and the others will lag behind but on the other hand we also walk this process as humanity as a whole which consists of all of those single persons and we must also learn how to live in oneness and equality in a group.

Thus it is possible that - while being in the relationship - you will go a little bit slower then if you were going on your own. But here we must also take into consideration other elements. Your partner - thanks to this relationship and your support - will go much faster through his/hers own process then if he was alone. Thus you will go a little bit slower, your partner will go much faster but the whole humanity as a whole will advance much faster then if both persons were going on their own. And thus it is important to assess the whole situation and see what is best for all and not care only about your own process because then it is pure egoism and you haven't understood yet what is this whole process about.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - August - 15      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater