crimes of Stalin

This is the continuation of the previous article about crimes committed by Stalin, Hitler and other dictators.


This act of massive murder has been condemned ( obviously ) and nobody would like that this ever happens again. But have we learned enough from this experience ( together with the murders committed by Hitler ) so that we don't repeat the same mistake ever again ? And how can we know that something like this is not happening anymore especially because - as I said before - nobody will ever admit it officially ?

The reality is this one. We HAVE NOT learned enough and we are still allowing abuse, crime and murder being committed by the governments in 21st century. We don't need anybody from the government telling us this officially. It is enough to read the news on internet and listen to the stories of other people ( this is what I did ). And thus everything indicates that these things are happening on bigger scale in China, North Korea, some African countries with dictatorial regime and others. Of course I have no direct proof so that I could accuse them in the court but I know that this is still happening. And apart from this we may not be ignorant and believe that this is not happening also in other more civilized countries ( USA, UK etc. ), although there it is happening on small scale with individual citizens whenever they are uncomfortable for the government. Maybe they are not doing it in exactly the same way as Stalin did but still they do it. I know that it may seem to be a big accusation especially because I have no proof but I know that I am right. Do you think it is difficult today to pay somebody for killing uncomfortable person, stage accident, false crime and use the best lawyers to accuse somebody for it or for some silly mistake ?

The undeniable fact is that we are still allowing this type of crimes in 21st and we are not doing enough to prevent it. And because we allow it and believe stupidly that this is not happening we are equally responsible with those who commit it directly. We are not better then Stalin or Hitler.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - August - 09      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater