crimes of Stalin

I am sure that although Stalin was one of the biggest criminals in the history of humanity there are may people in this world who don't know who he is. And the same with Hilter. Once I have seen a tv program when the reporter was doing questionnaire on the street in USA asking people if they know who Adolf Hitler is. Surprisingly there were many people ( especially the young ones ) who didn't know who he is and so I am certain that it would be the same if we asked people about Stalin.

But I guess you would know who Stalin is if you lived about 60 years ago in Russia or Poland and then suddenly some of your family member disappeared suddenly. You would go to the police hoping that they can help you but you would not receive any information. If you insisted with investigations that you would be threatened yourself or you would disappear just like your loved one. Sometimes you would hear that the same happened with your friends and other people from your town and only some years later you would receive confirmation that your close one is dead but still the info would not be clear and it would not be possible to find the cemetery where you closed one was buried.

This was the reality of people living some 60 years ago in Russia and Poland when Stalin has decided to eliminate any possible threat to his regime - including foreigners as well as native Russians. In this case it was not important the nationality of the people; it was important to eliminate any possible "threat". The decision was based on the judgment of Stalin and people who were loyal to him and it was not based on real danger thus there were many innocent people who have also suffered and died. In 1937 to 1938 there was a big clearance made by Stalin through which he murdered at least 1 million people but he continued with his politics until his death. The total number of murdered people is unknown.

Now... this is the past but these things happen even today and on the mass scale. Of course nobody will talk about it officially on tv - which is obvious - and maybe we will find out about it sometime in the future ( just like with Stalin ). He was doing his "dirty work" while making sure that he has good official publicity. Some people have cried when he died because they believed through effective propaganda and brainwashing that he was a good person.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - August - 08      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater