I do not know what to write

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Again today I have been working a lot. As a matter of fact today I have beaten the record of all times in terms of working hours with massage. I was lucky to have a short siesta break during day and this helped me to get through the day.

You'll see... some months ago I decided that I set myself the daily limits of how much I work as a intention to correct my tendency to work over the limits of my body. So how come I cross these limits in the last couple of days.

Well... in the last couple of months I have learned some new things about taking care of my body and giving it proper nutrition. This change is really effective and I see that I am much stronger and much more resistant. Thus I allow myself to work over these limits. But still this is not what I want to do all the time and thus I will do it only from time to time just like this week when suddenly I got lots of inquiries from my clients and my colleagues ( who work with me ) are at the moment not available.

It looks like tomorrow I have an easy day and so I should get some rest. Of course this may change but still I will not accept anymore so much work load because that would be clearly a sign of self abuse.

Of course this excess of work takes me away from other pending projects which I have been working on lately but anyway this load of work is good in a way because it will strengthen my finances and this is what I need right now.

So I am tired as a result of working a lot but in general the things go really good and I am really pleased with my life at the moment.

Apart from this there is also one more important point. Yesterday I was very disappointed with one of my clients who has been on the wheelchair for many years and now I see that he ha found an excuse to break off the therapy. The disappointment comes from the point that we have found a way to help this person to improve his situation and maybe even help him to walk again but he does not wants to take this opportunity. And this is already a 2nd time when he does it. But then today I got a feedback from another client who makes really good positive changes in his life and this gave me smile on my face and motivation to continue with my work. So there are people who do not want to get better right in this moment and I have to simply let them live their choice of being sick. I simply need to focus on other people who want to change their life and assist them if they want.


Written: 2017 - January - 05   Published: 2017 - August - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater