I do not know what to write

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today was the day when I worked a lot ( as a matter of fact over my daily allowed limits ) and now I am tired and empty in my head. And so I do not have any inspiration to write anything.

In any case I have made some cool decisions. Because in the evening I wanted to "relax my mind" a little bit from my work and I thought that I could play a computer game. But then I looked at the whole situation and I knew where this is all going to end up. I have been there so many times before. So I decided that I will not do it. I felt a certain temptation within me but I "pushed" myself over it and I did not go for it. Instead I did some other half-useful things on the computer. Next time I need to try to completely stay away from the computer because in the state like I am today ( tired ) I cannot do much. So it is much better to only do the most important things ( e.g. JTL ) and then simply get some rest.

Anyway... I feel empowered from this decision. I literally feel more power within myself. It is in a way difficult but then at the same time I am very pleased and content. This is one small realisation but yet very important. I have the choice to make the decisions in my life through which I empower myself instead of disempowering myself if I decided to play the computer game. There is nothing wrong with the computer game but today I am tried from my job and playing computer game would make me even more tired.


Written: 2017 - January - 02   Published: 2017 - August - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater