7 YRS PROCESS - DAY 1720 - NEW YEAR 2017


New year 2017

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So this is the night with the celebrations of the new year. Humanity is so crazy about it but in the end it is just another day/night like any other. Myself I am not into the celebrations of any kind of holy or special days. Thus I do not do birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc. Sometimes I participate in this kind of events but I do it because I want to meet with my friends etc. But even if I join the party or celebrations I do to buy presents etc. Unless I really want to do it. You'll see... I have made the decision in my life that I will not celebrate things or buy presents unless I want to do it. In the beginning it was a little bit hard to be different and behave outside of the social norms but eventually it all become normal and natural to me and today I really have no problems to say directly that I do not do birthdays, buy presents etc. Some people still look weird at me when I say it but I do not care about it. And then I also realised that once I start to talk about it then other people tell me that they have similar thoughts like me but they did not have the guts to do it yet.

Anyway today was the celebration of the new year. And I would normally stay at home but this night I went out because I wanted to meet with my friends whom I did not see for some time now. Last year was very similar. I spent time together with my friends but the whole night with the celebrations and the fireworks was very boring to me. You'll know... people get drunk, some of them get hurt/injured, the fireworks scare the animals etc. Thus I do not really see any value in the celebrations. Though I see a lot of the negatives. Apart from the points that I mentioned above there is also the point of incredible amount of rubbish that comes from this one night. And of course the money that we spend senselessly on the fireworks and other things could easily be dedicated to some other important things with which the whole humanity struggles - pollution, starvation, poverty, homelessness etc.

Thus short after midnight I left my friends at the party and I went back home. First of all I needed to write my JTL article and secondly I want to have a good rest so that tomorrow I may continue working on my pending tasks.


Written: 2016 - December - 31   Published: 2017 - August - 23      © Copyright - Greg Wiater