I do not know what to write

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I have been busy all day. Though I still managed to do a little bit on the computer. It was not much but still I did not waste my time on some silly things and at least something. And although it is little it is a lot at the same time. If I manage to maintain this discipline and focus then I will really make big steps forward with my pending tasks and projects. Tomorrow it looks like I am going to have another busy day. But it does not matter. This is also part of my big projects. Without it would be difficult to make any steps forward.

Apart from this I do not know what to write more today. Or I should rather say tonight because now it is very late. As usual I leave my article as a last thing for the day. I do not like it but my lack of absolute discipline manifests itself in such a form. And the only way to change what I do not like is to become more disciplined.

Today again I have been presented with another investment opportunity. Maybe I should not say that this is pure investment as such because this would be simply another method of treatment which would increase the effectiveness of my therapies. But still I would have to make the initial investment to buy some products. And apart from this I would have to learn some new things. But because my agenda is very tight up with my work and catching up with pending tasks so I will have to decide about this "investment" in few weeks time. Right now I am too busy.

And so this is just a proof showing me that there will always be something to invest into. And I do not have to stress myself because I did not enter into the investment of my other friend a week ago.


Written: 2016 - December - 29   Published: 2017 - August - 23      © Copyright - Greg Wiater