Dedicating some time to do something perfect

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

I have been working almost all day ( with short break for other job ) on the computer and I have finished today one of the bigger pending tasks. It is really cool knowing that it is done and I will not have to come back to it. Well... at least not for some time unless there will be some problems and then I will have to make the corrections on my computer. We will see how it goes. But I was very peculiar that I do my tasks as perfect as possible because otherwise I would not be satisfied about it and this dissatisfaction would linger in my mind and I would bother me. And simply I would have to come to this task in the future and make it perfect but I would literally "suffer" and live under stress all this time. So now it is done; I am at peace with it and I can focus my entire attention on another pending task.

There is still a lot of work ahead of me and I will have to spend a lot of hours on the computer in the next 2-3 weeks. But well... that is what I have decided and accepted and I need to do it.

Within this whole situation there are also couple of very important points to be mentioned. Thus I stop my express train of being always busy with many things and not having time to finish all of my tasks. Now I have rejected the temptations to take other projects and continue with this abusive/negative pattern in my life and instead I stop myself and I change it.

Apart from this there is also the point of stopping myself from the constant run to get as much money as possible and dedicating time to make something PERFECT although it may not give me as much money as I would get from other activities that I could do in this time.

You'll know... this is a very important point and realisation in my life. I feel very relieved that I am taking actions to finish my pending tasks which have been bothering me already for some months. I still do not know what I will be able to finish them all but it does not matter as I do all that I can.


Written: 2016 - December - 26   Published: 2017 - August - 23      © Copyright - Greg Wiater