I do not know what to write

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I had a temptation to waste some time on my computer with the game. But like with any other thing in life we are responsible for all that we do and all that is happening to us ( as a result of direct and indirect consequences ). And I have decided today to not give my power to this temptation. I have chosen to work on my pending task. It was going a little bit slow as I could not solve one problem for a long time but in the end I have done some progress with it and now I am pleased that I did it instead of playing computer game.

It is very late and I have pushed my limits today though I am extremely exhausted. But still I am struggling with this element.

Apart from this I had a disappointed that I did not make an investment. I was kind of observing the financial markets but I did not do anything about it and now the prices have gone up. But then I thought:

"Greg... relax !!! First you must finish your pending tasks and this will give you your freedom"

You'll see... I am constantly doing things as a result of taking on myself many responsibilities. And through this now I have lost my freedom and my time off. Thus I will first finish my pending tasks and only then I will make a decision about starting any new projects or dedicate some time towards the investment on the financial markets. Of course there was some regret because if I did the investment then today I would have some profit on it. And this is actually the second opportunity in the last 2 weeks which I miss.

But then I have noticed that this regret comes from the point of fear that in the future there will not be opportunity to make profit. It is ridiculous but in the core of this regret there is something like this fear. And we all know that there are always many opportunities to invest and make some profit !!!

And so after this realisation I got relaxed and I continued to work on my pending task. In the end this will give me the freedom through the point of transformation of my habit/pattern to accept responsibilities without assessing if I am capable of doing them at all. Of course I could dedicate some time to the investments already and possibly make some profit. But then I know that this would only prolong the time ( my agenda is very tight already ) when it comes to finishing my current pending projects. Thus the subject of investment will have to wait for at least another couple of weeks.


Written: 2016 - December - 23   Published: 2017 - August - 23      © Copyright - Greg Wiater