Update on my experiments and projects

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

My experiment with the sleep reduction is in a weird point. As a result of the changes in my diet which is accompanied by some mineral and vitamin supplements ( all natural and body friendly ) my sleep has become much deeper and profound. I do not wake up anymore at night to go to the toilet. But in general I sleep longer than before. The sleep is so deep that quite often I do not hear the alarm clock.

I do not know whether I am making any progress or not. Maybe I go backwards. But I cannot say it either. The holes in the teeth don't look too good but I do not have any pains so I will wait before I decide to go to the dentist.

21 days with positivity
This one is completely on hold. Yesterday I was asking myself whether I should chose just 1 exercise and do it for 21 days but then I decided that I will finish my current project ( which is rather big and it will take me another 1-2 weeks if I do not have too many distractions ) and then I will restart it.

Posting online my JTL articles
A bit frustrated that I cannot finish it but it just needs to wait couple more days.

The positive thing is that I do not take any new projects or responsibilities on me and this gives me some kind of relief and peace. I still have some distractions which keep me away from working on my pending tasks and projects but apart from this I see nice change in my life. I slowly start to have more time for myself.


Written: 2016 - December - 22   Published: 2017 - August - 23      © Copyright - Greg Wiater