I want to finish as soon as I can and be done with it - Interesting observation

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

In the last couple of years I have got myself into the situation when I have started few projects, then I took on more projects and I ended up in a situation when I cannot handle of them. And some of my projects wait in the queue - awaiting completion - for some months now. It is somehow annoying and frustrating that I cannot finish them but then I noticed that my approach to this subject has changed.

In the last couple of years I have been pushing my limits of my body ( e.g. working until late at night ) because I wanted to finish my projects and be done with them. Obviously wishful thinking is one thing and the reality is another. Thus I was working on a new website for my business and I thought that I would be able to finish it within 3-4 days. Unfortunately the things were not running smoothly as I wished for and I ended up working on it for over a month. I was getting more and more frustrated and quite often I was pushing the limits of my body. And at one point I paid price for it as I got sick. It was not directly from working too much but still I was part of my decision process in my life which eventually lead to me to sickness. Luckily I had a friend - therapist who helped me to get better. Of course I did the healing part by changing my life but his help in assisting and supporting my body was very important.

Later at some point I did a mind construct ( part of the Desteni I Process course ) in regards to this aspect of working so much. I had a lot of resistance while doing it and it took me a lot of time to finish it but eventually I did. Today ( about 1 year later ) I see the results of it.

Yes... I see some practical results of this mind construct.

Thus you'll see... these days I still have unfinished projects awaiting their turn for completion. Though there is a big difference in how I approach this subject. I still want to finish them as soon as I can. And I still have some kind of frustration that I have these unfinished projects waiting for months. But then I do not really push the limits of my body as I used to do in the past. I have learned that this is not effective. I can have some quick temporary advancement in the project but pushing the limits of my body for couple of days and nights but this approach will make my project to run slower In the long run.

So this is another confirmation that the Desteni I Process course is practical and effective although in the beginning it does not make sense and people ( including myself ) have to transform a lot of resistance.


Written: 2016 - December - 19   Published: 2017 - August - 20      © Copyright - Greg Wiater