Temptation for a new investment

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So I have a friend who is presenting me a new possibility of an investment. Firstly I was in a way ignoring it but he was persistent so I have decided to research a little bit deeper the topic. And I have to say that it is somehow interesting investment into the cryptocurrency market.

Now... as I said after researching and investigating this topic deeper I find it interesting. Of course there is a risk in this investment but this is just like with any other new business venture. Thus I have been tempted by my friend to enter into it. But there is one thing which right now is against it.

As you know I have been involved in the last couple of years in couple of projects ( some of them worked and some of them not ). As a matter of fact the amount of projects, tasks and responsibilities exceeds my capacities to do all of them and as a result of it I have couple of tasks waiting in line for many months to be completed. I have tried to sleep less so that I could get extra time for my tasks but the reality is that I was not effective. Thus few months ago I have decided that I will not take on any other new projects, tasks or investments until I finish all of my pending tasks. I was successful with some of them and I was able to bring them to the completion. And it was a great relief for me. It was as if I dropped off few pounds off my shoulders which was constantly there pressing me down. And you know how it feels when you carry your backpack for a very long time... don't you ? The backpack may not be heavy but after some time your shoulders hurt and you must take a break. Or if you are not able to take a break but you can throw out some things out of your bag then you feel a relief. And so it was for me when I completed couple of my projects lately. But I still have couple of unfinished tasks and I feel frustrated that I cannot start working on them.

Anyway now I have this friend with the proposal of a very interesting investment. But I will have to say NO to it. Maybe I will do it later in the future but this will be only when I finish all of my pending tasks. I may miss the opportunity to earn good money but this carries a risk that it would prolong my frustration and this is not worth the money. Apart from this I am sure that in the future there will many other opportunities to invest into something. But then I should regain my freedom. Because at the moment I feel as I was in the prison of business ( constant busy-ness ). And I do not have much time for myself as I try to finish my pending tasks.

And then thee is also one more important point. I know for sure that once I regain my freedom by completing my pending tasks I will close a certain cycle in my life which will also give my another type of freedom and clarity. And within this I will also be able to see with more clarity into what I should/could invest. In this moment there is a risk that I make a mistake and I will stay entrapped in the cycle of trying to finish desperately my pending tasks and responsibilities.


Written: 2016 - December - 14   Published: 2017 - August - 20      © Copyright - Greg Wiater