I do not know what to write

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

In the last couple of years I got used to so much to working a lot and doing a lot of things that now - when I do less - it seems that I am doing nothing or that I am being lazy and not effective in doing my projects. I know and I realise that this is just the judgment coming from my mind because in the end it was my decision to slow down and take time for myself and have some rest. Apart from this I want to finish all of my pending tasks which have been waiting in the queue for many months. I could say that this like going 150km/h in the car for long period of time and then you slow down to 60 km/h. You know that you go forward but at the same time it seems that you are going very slow.

Thus I am going forward but within this that landscape changes much slower than it used to before when I was going faster and thus here comes this point of not knowing what to write.

Anyway today I did something for my friend. Initially I did not want to do it as I would prefer to have some rest and work on my tasks but then he needed help so I left my tasks for later and I went to see my friend. When we finished I noticed how happy he was and then I realised that people should do things for others more often. Because right now we live in this crazy world where we quite often have 2 jobs and later we are so tired that we have no energy and time for anything else. And so we live in separation from others. We do not realise it but in this we take from ourselves and from others something which does not cost any money but it is really beautiful, meaningful and real. You'll know... my friend was really happy and myself as well. And no money can buy this joy and happiness.


Written: 2016 - May - 17   Published: 2016 - May - 19      © Copyright - Greg Wiater