Disappointment with my work colleagues

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

I am in the process of making the preparation to close down part of my business and I slowly start to feel the relief. Relief from so many responsibilities that I could not keep up with all of them and so some tasks have been put on hold for few months.

Anyway in the last 2 years I intended to grow my business by trying to work with other people. With couple of them I was trying to be a business partner and with others I worked as boss/colleague. And I need to say that so far I am very disappointed. At the same time I am very surprised that these people could not see that I was really trying to help them and promote them so that they could win in the long term and instead they were only focused on the short term goals - money.

I understand their worries about the money but still I am disappointed that they did not see that I was putting a lot of effort and I was giving them my time which should be dedicated towards rest and my other projects.

You'll... I am disappointed but I do not regret what I did. It was worth the try. I did the best I could and that's it. Now I look at this whole situation and at what I have learned from it.

And what I have learned from it is that the principle of what is best for all must be obeyed no matter what. If I do not follow it then I will pay for it. Anyway I have obeyed this principle and I see that although some people get pissed off with me I keep my balance and I am not really affected by them. Obviously it affects the business but personally I am stable.

So now I will close the part of my business because I cannot do everything myself and in the future I will work only with people who are reliable and who are also committed to life and the principle of what is best for all.


Written: 2016 - March - 21   Published: 2016 - April - 04      © Copyright - Greg Wiater