Experimenting with the sleep again

This is the continuation of the previous article:


I put in the title "DAY 1" because I have decided to start another 21 day experiment when I would like to identify and see what kind of real and documented changes I will be able to achieve when it comes to reducing my time which I spend in bed being asleep.

So... today was very funny. As you know from my previous article last night I lied down on the sofa for a short 17 min break but it all ended up that I have slept for about 1 hour. Then I worked a little on the computer and at 5.00 am I went to bed for another break. I woke up about 7.30am because I had to go to work. Otherwise I would stay in bed longer.

Anyway when I woke up and I was getting up out of bed my first thought was:

"I do not want to do anymore this fucking experiment with sleep !"

You'll know... I felt tired and I wanted to have more rest. But I could not stay in bed as I had an appointment with the client. And despite being tired I got up and I started to get ready for work and for the day.

But this thought about "f...ing experiment with the sleep" was not funny. At least not then. It all started to be funny later during the day. I had the appointment after the appointment and I could not stop and get more rest.

But I did not need it anymore. Later during the day something happened and the tiredness disappeared. YES... it disappeared. It was not there anymore. I realised it later afternoon and then I actually started to feel "excited" and I started to look forward towards the next night when I could continue with my experiment.

So from having the first thought in the morning about not wanting to continue with this experiment it all turned into the excitement and looking forward towards the next night... hahahahaha !!!

It is funny but at the same time this was some kind of "A BREAKTHROUGH" !!!

Anyway the whole day at work was very, very busy. I could say that it was one of the "record days" when it comes to how much I did with my clients and the massage.

I got back home about 10pm. I started to work a little on the computer and at 11pm I decided to have my 17 min sleeping-break. I was not really tired yet but I wanted to do the preventative break. The concept behind having this break was to have the rest before I get totally exhausted.

Anyway here I made a mistake. I set up my alarm for 17 min but then I switched it off and I rese it for the 2nd round. Unfortunately I did not hear the 2nd alarm and I woke up at 3 am after 4 hours of sleep. And this is only because I slept on an uncomfortable sofa. Otherwise I would - most probably - sleep till morning. The good thing within this is that at least I do not have strong hangover symptoms because 4 hours is kind of allowed at this stage.

Within this I have to say that what makes me to get up of the sofa at night at 3 am - although it is not easy - is my commitment to write my JTL articles. There is something there which drives me and makes me to wake up and continue !!!!!!!!!!

So what is the plan for the rest of the night ?

Well... I will try to stay awake. I have another very busy day ahead of me but I will try not to go to sleep anymore. Maybe I will decide on another 17 min break later in the morning. But I will see.

Now... here I also need to confess that I made another mistake. Despite what I wrote yesterday about putting on paper the time that I lie down in bed - because of the memory issues - I did not do it. But at least I set up 2nd alarm on another clock and so I could trace what time I lied down on the sofa. Otherwise I would struggle to remember the exact time.

So here is my Day 1 within the new 21 day experiment with the sleep.

To be continued



Written: 2015 - October - 27   Published: 2015 - October - 27      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater