Experimenting with the sleep again

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

My first time when I wanted to do something about sleeping less was something like 20 years ago. But I did not have much success with it then and I gave up on my experiment. Though this was not a complete giving up as I was coming back to my experiment every now and then. Now I sleep around 6 hours every night which is less than 2-3 years ago but still this is far away from what I thought that I could achieve with sleep reduction.

2 weeks ago I have decided about to try it again. I definitely see that I manage to sleep on average 1 hour less. This is cool but at the same time I need to say that this is not completely what I would expect because I can see that I am tired. But then on the other hand I have to say that sleeping longer does not give me a 100% guarantee that I wake up every day fresh and rested and so I prefer to continue with my experiment although I have some difficult moments with it.

But then what also gives me the motivation and reason to continue with my experiment is because I see sleep as an addiction. And so far I see that all my symptoms and struggle with it fall exactly into the category of addiction. As a matter of fact a serious type of addiction.

I know that at the same time I am trying to do something which could be really classified as crazy and stupid. Because look around... everybody ( well almost everybody ) sleeps around 8 hours each night and then it is also confirmed by the scientists and the doctors that sleeping less is harmful for the health.

Well... maybe they are right but why do we have people in this world who actually sleep around 4 hours each night and they are perfectly fine ?!!!

So fuck the science... I will do what I feel inside what I want and what know that I should be doing. And this is because I know for sure that sleeping long hours does not do good to me at all.

To be continued


Written: 2015 - June - 13   Published: 2015 - June - 28      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater