Why do we have politicians who make stupid decisions ?

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So how come that those who make the decisions and planning about public projects make such a simple and obvious mistakes ?

Of course one of the main elements at play here is the corruption and thus the contract goes to those who give more benefits ( money ) to the president or other person responsible for making the decision.

But this is not just about the money and the corruption. This would be too simple. Remember that the cause of the problem lies usually "covered" with many layers and it is difficult to see it. Of course it is difficult to see for those who do not want to see it.

Thus this thing with public contracts reflects the lack of common sense and logic. And of course we could blame the president and the companies who gain the contract by bribing but within this we cannot omit the point that this is just reflection of how we ( as humanity ) are. And unfortunately the common sense and logic is not so common among humans. And then there is also a point that we give our power away easily and we are passively waiting for god to save us from the suffering and the hell.

I know that bringing up here the point of god and religion may seem completely unrelated but actually it is very relevant. Look... if we did not wait for god to save us and instead we would act and live practically the principle of what is best for all we would never allow a corrupt person be elected as a president or any other important person responsible for making the decisions about the public contracts. If we were all responsible and genuine beings we would never allow to create a system in which the abuse and poverty prevails everything. I guarantee you that.

So stop complaining and then also stop wondering why your president missed such an obvious point in the planning and the execution of the public project. Look within yourself and investigate how you allow the lack of common sense in your life and change it first within yourself. Then get together with other people who are like you and as a group start acting according to this very simple principle of what is best for all.

It is all very simple and relatively easy to change this world. But this will never happen if we are going to sit on our lazy asses and wait for god to save us from the misery.


Written: 2015 - October - 20   Published: 2015 - October - 25      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater