Update on my teeth, sleep and health

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Lately I have been very busy because first of all I have entered the full season at work and secondly I had some urgent matters to deal with ( also related to my work ). Thus I was under a lot of stress. Despite of this stress I am trying to keep up with my experiment with sleep and growing new teeth. And so here is a short update on it:

1. My teeth - as I have written in the last article about it, the teeth which have lost their dental fillings have black color. They do not grow new tissue and I looks like as if this was getting worse. Though I do not have any pain. Thus I decide to not go to see the dentist and I continue with the experiment. But I make sure that I clean my teeth regularly and well. For this I use the brush and the water jet which is especially effective in cleaning the rests of foods from between my teeth and from the teeth which lost their fillings.

I do not know where it will take me. But I am communicating with my body using the technique that I have learned from kinesiology - muscle testing.

I am on a completely unknown territory but I trust my body completely.

2. My sleep - here I make very little advances. It is difficult but I am holding on to the rule of not letting myself sleep more than 6-7 hours. It happened to me couple of times and each time I feel bad. Even on the days that I am very tired from work I set up the alarm to wake up no later than 6 hours.

But this whole experiment is going rather slow. As you know from my articles about sleep I define it as an addiction and so I really struggle with it.

Anyway one point is clear... I am not going to give up on it. I am not going to go back to sleeping of 8 hours or more as this has been proven on so many occasions that it does not serve me well. I prefer to be tired from sleeping less than feeling like "shit" from sleeping too much.


Written: 2015 - October - 16   Published: 2015 - October - 25      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater