Doctors, therapist of natural medicine and stupid law

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So this will be another article treating the topic of doctors and natural medicine. As you know I am the therapist of natural medicine. I have done my education in relatively good and well recognized college in a well-developed country ( Australia ) with very high standards when it comes to education and medicine. But now I live in Europe.

Some years ago ( when I was graduating ) I thought that once I have my certificates from Australia then I will be able to work in the whole world. And so I was. For some time I worked Australia, then in Austria ( this is not a typo - it is Austria ) and eventually I ended up in Spain. And it was all fine until not long ago when I was told that I cannot do sport massage as my paper from Australia are not valid Spain. And then I was told that I can do massage but all I can do, is to touch people for pleasure. I really laughed when I heard it but because I was under threat of being fined so I had to accept what I was told.

You'll know... it was really surprising to hear about especially because when you go to any massage place basically in the whole Spain and you will find on the list of treatments a sport massage, lymphatic drainage etc. And in reality it is all illegal as according to the laws these treatments can only be performed by the doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and other therapists who studied at the university.

I have mentioned something about it in one of my articles but because there are some more new facts coming into the play.

Thus this week I was presented with an offer to give a lecture about my treatments in a school of natural medicine in one of the more developed countries in Europe. And here I am laughing again because somebody who is allowed to touch people just for pleasure will teach other therapists and even doctors about my treatments... hahahahaha.

This is an incredible offer and I will take it. But still... look how stupid laws we have created !!! And look how these stupid laws make our lives more difficult. Because there are many people out there who are geniuses and who have lots of incredible ideas that would improve the quality of our lives but because they don't have the official paper from university thus what they do, is quite often illegal or nobody wants to support them.


Written: 2015 - October - 13   Published: 2015 - October - 25      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater