Reflection on the pace of my process

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Yesterday I finished one of my assignments which is a part of the Desteni I Process course. You'll know... if it was my only responsibility in my life then doing this assignment could take me 1-2 weeks. But the reality was that I needed half of the year to complete it. YES... it is not a typo !!! I needed 6 months to complete it.

How come it took me so long ? Was it really not possible to finish it earlier ?

Of course it was possible. If I kept my absolute discipline and focus then of course I could finish it much earlier. I would not be able to finish it in 2 weeks but for sure I would be able to do it in 4-6 weeks.

So what is happening here ?

Well... there are few points at play in here:

1. I have taken on myself many responsibilities in my life which take a lot of time and effort.
2. Struggle to secure my financial stability. Well... maybe I should not use the word struggle here as my work is going very good. It is just that I want to be more influential within the system and thus I decided to make an official establishment ( organization ).
3. Obviously although I have good intention of establishing an organization ( and this takes a lot of my time to make it happen ) I have to admit here that within it there is also a resistance to work with myself. As I said before the element of not being absolutely focused and wasting time ( mainly with the computer ) is showing clearly that this is my resistance.
4. I know that this is my own process and I am fully responsible for what is happening within my life and how fast I walk. But within it there is also an element that I am one of the pioneers who makes the way through the jungle of the system which does not support the self-process. What I mean here is that we have created system which does not support life and now we have to stand up and make a new system. So this is like walking through the jungle and making a new path. Obviously it is all going very slow because we need to cut through all the bushes. Once we make the path then it will be much easier for the others to walk this path and eventually we will be able to make a highway though which it will be very easy to get from point A to point B. So I could say that I am one of the pioneers who make a new path ( new system ) so that others may walk through the jungle much easier and quicker. And this is also a reason why my process is kind of going relatively slow.

Look... we do not really have a system in which we would have organizations which are strong and stable financially and which would support life and process. We have to build and create them from the scratch. This requires an effort. But well... somebody has to do it. And once it is done then it all will be much easier for everybody.

So you'll see... I realise that my process ( in regards to my assignments ) is going relatively slow but this does not really concern me. I do what I can do and that is ok. Of course there are few mistakes that I make on my way but I am learning from it and I make appropriate corrections.


Written: 2015 - October - 08   Published: 2015 - October - 25      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater