Winning with the doctors

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So today I have met a friend of mine who used to have serious problems with his back. When he started to have this problem he went to see various specialists who did different scans using the modern hi-tech equipment. They detected that one of the nerves is being pushed by the vertebrae ( for those who don't know the term it is the bone in the spine ) and it manifests itself as the back pain.

After the diagnosis was made my friend was sent for treatments and rehabilitation with the physiotherapists. Unfortunately this did not work and later the doctors decided to inject the cortisone to make a cushion like filling between the bones and prevent them from pressing on the nerve. This worked but unfortunately this is quite often only temporary solution and so it was with my friend.

And so the problem with the painful back was affecting the life of my friend who could not do simple activities like walking up the stairs, running etc. But even the walking on the street was turning into hell when my friend had to walk longer distance. This problem with the back has been there for about 2-3 years. And because it was getting worse steadily so the doctors have considered doing the operation.

But this was the time when I got to know my friend. He then explained me about his problems with the back and so I decided to have a closer look at it.

And guess what happened ?

I did 2 treatments with him. I showed my friend some simple and basic stretching exercises and within the couple of weeks he started to get better.

Today I met with my friend on the beach and so I had a look at how he walks. And it is incredible to see the difference between now and 1 year ago.

To be continued


Written: 2015 - September - 20   Published: 2015 - October - 19      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater