Asking a friend for a help vs doing it myself

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So lately there came a situation when I needed to decorate my work place. And I immediately thought that I will call my friend who he has a lot of experience with it and who is really good at doing it. But before I made the phone call I stopped for a second and asked myself a question:

- What about if I do it myself ?

My "internal" and immediate reply to it was:

- Nope... you are not good with it and why should you risk a possible situation when you spend your money and later you will have to redo it spending even more money.

At that point I wanted to call my friend but then came another thought:

- If my friend decorates then it will look cool but it will not be expression of who I am but the expression of who he is.

And then I said:

- I will do it myself.

So I took my car and I went to the home market where I could find some stuff for decoration. I did not have clear idea or vision about everything of how my work place should look like but I walked around and I looked at what is available there. I did not really have luck that day because there was a reform inside of the store and some of the departments ( including the one that I needed ) was closed. So I said:

- Well... I will come another day.

Now... the next day I continued to think about how I would like my place to look like and then I came up with this.

Look Greg... in the beginning you wanted to call your friend because you have accepted within your mind the idea that you are not good about decoration and then you were afraid to waste money on something which would not be accepted by other people.

And maybe you can see it as well but now it is clear to me that within that I was giving my power away to my friend. Because I have made an idea within my mind that I am not good about doing decoration, I have taken it for granted and boom... here I am within the point when I never really stopped and took into consideration that maybe I could also do something nice and beautiful by myself. But eventually I broke this pattern when I decided that I would go to the market and buy something myself.

To be continued


Written: 2015 - September - 07   Published: 2015 - October - 08      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater