From spirituality into becoming a businessman

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

These days I do not really meditate anymore as much as I used to do before. As a matter of fact I have many weeks when I do nothing about it. What I mean here is that I do not seat with my legs crossed and silence my mind because then I cannot omit here that I try to be aware of my breath during the day when I work. So I could also say that this is something like a meditation.

Anyway I do not spend much time anymore on sitting meditation and instead I have directed my focus and effort towards establishing and stabilizing myself within the current system. And that simply means that I am trying to run the business and I have become a businessman.

You could say that this change is nothing unusual because as a matter of fact there are many people out there who used to be hippie or spiritual "freak" in the past and later they have turned away completely from it and they became business people.

But you'll see... I do not want to judge anybody here but their case and my case most probably is not the same. Look... I know that I have used to believe in some new age bullshit and I have wasted a lot of time on it. But still behind it there was always an ideal and value of what is best for all. And eventually it all became clearer when I got to know the Desteni Group, which also stands for what is best for all. And so now my plan is to become financially stable because then I expect to be more effective in doing changes within the system.

In my previous articles I wrote that the money will not change the system but it can assist us in changing it. And so here is the thing with me directing my focus and becoming stronger financially. Because then I expect to be able to invest the money into the ventures which support life and what is best for all. When I was meditation it was enough so now I have to try to change this system through earning money and spending it on what is best for all. Obviously if other people - who have money - supported me and other people like me then I would not have to waste time on earning money and dedicate it directly on activities and projects which support life. But because I do not receive this support so I have to earn this money myself.

So the seed has been already planted and it slowly starts to grow as a tree. Let's see whether this will be the effective way to change the system.


Written: 2015 - August - 20   Published: 2015 - August - 29      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater