From spirituality into becoming a businessman

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So I have dedicated a big part of my life towards the spirituality. You'll know... meditation, energy, new age etc. The driving force behind it was that I knew and I felt that there is something more to life than what we are being shown and taught at home by our parents and at school.

And so I have read a lot of books about religion and spirituality and I have practiced a lot of meditation hoping that I will become "enlightened" like Buddha or Jesus. At some point I was also waiting for the Aliens to come. And then for some time I was also expecting a big boom and the dimensional shift in 21.12.2012. But nothing of these things with the end of time predicted by the Mayan happened and the earth continues spinning on its axis. And I am here in this dimension like everybody else.

Today I see and I realise that a lot of that stuff that I read in the books and learned from the different courses were and still are simply bullshit. But not all of it. I have learned a lot of valuable things which I can apply practically in my life and what is most important I have gone through a process of self-transformation and change, which I am very pleased that I did.

And then some things have not changed at all. For example the thing with the "knowing and feeling that there is something more out there" is still here. But now after so many years of study and investigation I have more knowledge and more evidence that it is true. There is more to life than what we are being taught at home and at school.

Do I have a scientific proof about it ?

Well... yes... I do... but then I also know that my proof and evidence could be and it would very easy discarded by the majority of people simply because it is in conflict with their personal beliefs and ideas created within their mind which makes them blind to see the facts of reality.

To be continued


Written: 2015 - August - 19   Published: 2015 - August - 29      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater