I do not know what to write

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I have been working a lot. Now it is fairly early because it is just 8 pm but knowing that I have problems with writing anything when I am tired I am not going to wait until midnight. I am simply going to write about my day.

Actually I had a very interesting and important realisation but I still need to investigate it further before I write more about it. For now I can say that when it comes to the issue with my teeth I will need to look at the element of excessive self-control and part of it is control in sexual expression.

Then lately it is more and more clear to me that I should take a path where I would work with other people as a teacher and a leader. You'll know... I have been studying and experimenting with natural medicine for many years and now it is time to share my knowledge and experience with others. And what I mean here is that I should show people how they can help themselves to get better and to work with their problems which is something more than a therapist of natural medicine. Of course I am already involved with the Desteni Group, which is also on this path but I want to get involved on the local level and work with people in my neighbourhood ( the island that I live on ).

Apart from this I want to see what would happen if I went to breathe for few minutes twice a day for a month. Another experiment of mine. We'll see how it goes.


Written: 2015 - August - 12   Published: 2015 - August - 28      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater