Older generation gets stuck in the sickness and problems

So during my holiday I went to visit my friends and during my visits I also spoke with the parents of my friends. They mentioned that they are sick and you'll know... I am a therapist of natural medicine and I could not ignore it and/or not to give them at least an advice about what could be done to help them.

But I have realised very quickly that this is gonna be easy. But this is not that it would not be easy to make them better ( relatively quickly ) in regards to their health. Because the problem is that this older generation has layers upon layers of mind constructs and mind patterns, which make them lazy to do anything for themselves instead of worrying and playing their role of a victim. I could be talking and talking to them about what could be practically done and still they won't do it and instead I would hear excuse one after another and lots of stories about different vitamins, supplements and alternative therapies that they have done so far etc.

Now... am I surprised by this attitude ?

Not at all... I see it very often in my practice.

Can I do anything about it ?

Well... I can show you the door but you must walk through the door yourself.

This rule applies to everybody. Even our closest family. I have seen this kind of lazy attitude with lots of excuses with my mother and with my best friends. But what is most important is that I have also seen it with myself. And there were moments when I was postponing the moment of walking through the door but then eventually I did it. And so today I know how to transform it and I know how to assist others who need help.

And thus all that I can do in this case is to be a living example that the change it possible and simply I can only work with those who are open and ready to do something. And those who are not ready have to walk their own way or continue be stuck where they are until the moment when they decide to do anything about it. And if I will be there with them then I will assist them.

We do not need to be sick and suffer. The solutions to our problems are here. We just need to apply them and we will get healed relatively quickly even from our serious sicknesses. This is not a fairy tale. This is something which has been proven many times.



Written: 2015 - July - 31   Published: 2015 - July - 31      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater