Wasting resources on dead people

So the other during my holiday I went with my mum to the cemetery. Here in Poland this is kind of strong tradition to visiting the loved ones who already passed away. My personal opinion about it very different but well... I went to accompany my mum.

I knew what to expect there but still in the last 8-10 years ( I think that was the last time when I visited cemetery ) many things have changed in my life ( including myself :-) ) and so I was not surprised that I saw things from very different point of view this time. And the thing that struck me immediately when I entered the cemetery was that we ( humans ) waste unnecessarily so much resources on dead people.

First of all when somebody dies we put the cadaver into a very expensive coffin which is made out of fine and high quality wood. On the way we do some ceremonies ( which also cost money and require a lot of effort etc. ) and finally we place the corpse in the grave/tomb which later is cover with fine and high quality marble, granite etc. And so I ask myself: "WTF ?".

These people are dead. They are somewhere out there ( in heaven or hell ) or they have incarnated into new body. And for them it is absolutely not important whatsoever that their bones lie in a marbles !!!

When we come here to this planet we "receive" our body from the earth. And once we die it would be good to give this body back to earth. But what we do instead is that we enclose the bones and corpse in the coffin and cement and we do not allow it to go back into earth for many, many years until the cement deteriorates.

I know that we want to keep in some way contact with our close ones who died and we want to give/show them some respect and this is one of the reasons why we make all those graves. But unfortunately this does not work at all. Unfortunately we do not have a better contact with those who died. They are gone and they continue with their life somewhere else and/or in different dimension. And you are here left with some memories and illusions, which you have created in your mind about the death. And this illusions make you do some irrational things and waste incredible amount of money and resources, which could have been used instead on improvement of life of those who are still alive. YES... instead of respecting life we give more value to respecting death.

Give your body back to earth and tell your family to not waste the money on tombs and expensive graves.


Written: 2015 - July - 30   Published: 2015 - July - 31      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater