Experimenting with the sleep again

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This is the continuation of the previous article:


So I managed to sleep less than 4 hours in the last 24 hours. I cannot say that I am perfectly fine and in realty I feel kind of tired. But at the same time I had many days in my life when I had a lot of sleep and I felt exactly the same. So I guess feeling the same tiredness but yet sleeping less overall is a better option... isn't it ?

Now... here is an important point...

I do feel kind of tired but then I am adopting into the new situation with sleeping less and I am learning new things about how to deal with it. Thus I learned to not let myself to give up in the weak moments and go to bed to get some sleep but instead I wait till the weak moment goes away. Or there is a trick where I let myself "sleep" or rather be half asleep ( because I know what is happening around me ) while being seated. This seated position does not allow me to fall into longer and deep sleep ( which is a trap ), it gives me a quick "refreshment" and helps me to get through the weak moment.

Giving in and having longer sleep is like giving somebody - who tries to stop the addiction - a drink, a cigarette or some cocaine in the weak moments. As I said many times I see sleeping as an addiction as it falls into this category perfectly. And thus to deal with it effectively I need to apply the same rules as if I was dealing with alcoholic or drug addict.

And thus I suspect that being addicted to sleep and wanting to stop my addiction I need to stop sleeping completely.

Sounds crazy... doesn't it ?

Well... yes it does... but then I know from experience that cutting down on the amount of drugs or alcohol to those who are addicted is never effective. Those who were able to stop their addiction almost always did it in the moment. What I mean here is that they make the decision that they stop it and they don't go back to it again. Almost all these people have their weak moments but then they do not fall into it and they withhold their decision. And those who don't usually fall back into the addiction sooner or later.

So it looks like I should sell or give away my bed as I will not need it anymore... lol...

Well... we will see how it goes.

To be continued


Written: 2015 - June - 14   Published: 2015 - June - 28      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater