What does the hell look like ?

Pretty much all of us have heard about the concept of the hell and heaven and pretty much all of us hope that we will in some way get to heaven and live the eternal happiness and bliss. Different religions have different ideas about how the paradise looks like but what about the hell ? Do you have any idea what the hell looks like ? Do you know what is expecting you if you don't get to heaven because of your sins which will not be forgiven by your god ?

If you still don't know what the hell is all about and what it looks like then I will help you to get the clear picture of it in this article.

1. Imagine that you have family and there is a war and there come soldiers of the enemy and they rape your wife and your daughter in front of you and later they kill them in front of you. Later they shoot the bullet at you by you somehow survive and you live with the pain.
2. Imagine that you are very hungry and starving and your body has no more muscles ( just the bones and the skeleton ) and although you don't need much nobody wants to help you even though others are wasting lots of food, they are buying Ferraris and other luxury goods.
3. Imagine that you have a husband who is alcoholic and he beats you up quite often and literally rapes you but you cannot do much about it because you are afraid that he will kill you if you tell anybody about it.
4. Imagine that somebody kidnaps you and forces you to prostitute yourself under the threat that he will harm your family if you try to escape or report to police.
5. Imagine that you find out that the priest who is the messenger of the holy and loving god is raping your child.
6. Imagine the horror of the bombs, shooting guns, brutal and violent killing because somebody has organized war to make financial profit out of it.
7. Imagine that you have no money to buy food for you and your family and you have to prostitute yourself with filthy and drunk strangers to be able to survive.
8. Imagine that your partner tells you that he/she loves you and later you find out that he/she did it for money.

Do you start to see it clearly. The hell has nothing to do with the fire and the devil. The hell is here and the devil is here within the humanity itself. Don't be afraid of the hell after the death. The hell is already here. But one important point to remember is that you are here and now and you still have chance to stop creating this hell and change it and make it heaven. And once you die you will realise that there is no hell or paradise out there but you won't be able anymore to make the change the hell which you have created here on earth.



Published: 2013 - May - 15      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater