Accept me unconditionally or you are an egoist

It has happened to me already many times when I have been called egoist by other people - including my close friends and family.

- But does it really mean that I am an egoist ?
- Well... it depends...

But in reality I don't give a fuck that somebody is calling me an egoist.

- Is my statement another example of my total ignorance and egoism ?
- Well... it depends again...

So... let's go the point and let's have a close look at the moments when I am being called an egoist by other people. This happens when I have a confrontation with people who believe that I should accept unconditionally - with all their positive and negative aspects - our friends, our partners, our family etc. Thus the point of confrontation comes for example when I stand up and I challenge the situation and a person who crosses the line of abuse. In this situation I stand up because if I haven't that would mean that I accept the abuse myself. Well... it is obvious that if I allow others to abuse others then I am automatically abuser myself. And thus I stand up and confront the situation. The problem comes not from me standing up and confronting the situation but it comes from the point the abuser realises himself that he/she is having problem with it but he/she doesn't know how to deal with it. At least that is what he/she thinks. But the situation ( the confrontation ) starts to heat up when I start to present the practical solution to the situation.

Now... presenting the practical and effective solution means that the person would have to change for real and stop the ego because without changing the real cause of the problem nobody will be ever able to stop the problem ( the abuse in this situation ). Thus because this person doesn't want to change, he finds an excuse that he has tried everything and whenever somebody presents a practical and effective solution to the problem he goes into the mode of defending his ego ( preventing the real change ) and here we have their argument: "you should accept me the way I am unconditionally".

To be continued...



Published: 2013 - May - 02      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater