What if ? ...alcohol was prohibited ?

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As I was writing in previous article in the moment of prohibiting alcohol the economy and the whole world would have to go through a certain period of turbulence and transformation. In regards to these turbulences related to prohibition of alcohol we would have to take into consideration also another point and this is that alcohol is being used very commonly to suppress the emotional problems which we carry within us. And thus in the moment of prohibition of alcohol we would have a situation on a global scale when people would have to face their inner problems directly and because people are not being prepared for it then we would have also some kind of difficulties which must be taken into consideration and we would have to prepare for something like this. Otherwise we will have a lot of people who are being driven crazy and in that state they would do a lot of crazy stuff. But even though all of this would be quite difficult this is the shortest way and the best solution for multitude of problems which humanity faces today and it seems that there is no solution to it.

But within this there is also one important point which we cannot leave without it mentioning it here. The moment we prohibit something ( just like with drugs ), we will have immediately those who will want to continue with this madness and they would produce and sell it illegally anyway. And just like with the drugs we would not be able to stop and eliminate it completely. Thus in the end strict prohibition of manufacturing, distribution and consumption of alcohol would not be really that effective.

But what about if everybody of us decides free-willingly for themselves that they will not consume or participate within the system of producing and distributing of alcohol ?

It changes everything... doesn't it ? At the moment it sound like utopia but in reality it is not. We know that if people are forced to change they will adopt and change to be able to survive but the concept of making own decision of stopping alcohol is completely revolutionary. And this revolution would not be violent at all. Nobody would fight against anybody. The corporation or governments would not be able to do anything about. They could not force you to drink alcohol if you would not like to do it.

So you see... you are not as powerless as you think. Even though you are "small and significant" - as you think of yourself quite often - you are always making decisions ( whether you want it or not ), which affect and change the whole world. It is the same as you get pregnant while having sex with a stranger while being drunk or you have accident and kill somebody while driving under influence of alcohol. Everything that you do creates a chain of consequences which affect the whole world. It is just that you don't think about it in this way and instead you believe about yourself that you are powerless because you cannot change the whole system in an instant, you give up on yourself and you continue doing the shit which creates ever more shit in the world.

So the power to change the world is - and always has been - in your hands all the time. It is all up to you to make a use of it to direct it in the way which is best for all.

I encourage you to push yourself to make a change and redirect your resources for something which is beneficial for you and others instead of participating within the system which only creates abuse and suffering on a global scale. I know that it may not be easy but this is almost always the case. But on the other hand the real change is difficult because we have got used to giving out our power away and we have become lazy. And now we have to somehow struggle to get it back. But again this is just another illusion and excuse which we accept about ourselves. Regaining your own power is actually very enjoyable and satisfying. But again... you will only know it when you start doing it yourself. You will see and feel the results which no money can buy you.

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Published: 2013 - May - 07      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater