What if ? ...alcohol was prohibited ?

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Certainly this would be a big shock for the economy - lots of unemployed people, lots of people who would lose their income etc. And the world economy is not good anyway at the moment because we are still not over the crisis and thus something like this would be a big blow for the economy which we could not afford at the moment.

But wait a second... there would be also many positives aspects to it... wouldn't it ?

We all know about the negative aspects of taking alcohol and stopping drinking it would mean better health, less car accidents, less abuse, better productivity at work, better relationships with other people etc. The list of consequences resulting from drinking alcohol is enormous especially if you take into consideration that there many secondary type consequences for the whole world. Look for example at having unwanted pregnancy as a result of having sex just because people got drunk ( otherwise this would not happen ). Just this one child born from creates enormous chain of consequences for the whole world - there is an obvious difference between having a child born in a loving and caring family and having unwanted child born from drunken sex. I assure you that there would be many positive benefits for the whole world which we don't realize yet because this would be only possible to see after we actually apply this rule and live it for some time.

Another point... I know that if people would be forced to stop participating in the selling and manufacturing alcohol they would for sure find different ways to survive and gain income. There would not be actually so much problem with the unemployment and lost income as we think. I know that there would be some temporary turbulence but in the end people would redirect their creativity to make business in different directions. And we have to also take into consideration that stopping alcohol consumption and eliminating all the negative aspects related to it, would open completely new door for consumer demand because people would search to fulfill their other needs, desires and hobbies ( instead of alcohol consumption ). For example instead of spending the last money on alcohol they would spend the money on renovating or building new home, go on holiday, spent time and money with their family on things which would be really fun, enjoyable and beneficial for all of them. So you see... all of these businessmen who currently participate in making profit from alcohol would redirect their creativity and run businesses to meet demand created from opening new door as I have mentioned before.

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Published: 2013 - May - 06      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater